Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The blind saint of Gangotri

I heard the story of the blind saint of Gangotri from Swami Hariomananda who taught us Bhagwat Gita and from a local man whom I met in shared taxi. I mixed the two and the mixture is something like this......
Once there was a saint who used to live in one of the caves in Gangotri. One night in winters, he lit the charcoal fire to keep his cave warm and closed the door of cave to retain the warmth. Next morning, he came to know that because of the excessive smoke inside the cave he lost his eye sight. Many of his followers asked him to go to doctor for his eye check-up. One of his follower was a rich industrialist of India, he brought the helicopter for him in Gangotri seeking special permission from government for that helicopter to enter in that area and spending quite large sum of money on it. He asked the blind saint, "Swamiji, Let's fly to Delhi so that your eyes can be treated in the reputed hospital." Surprisingly, the saint refused to come along him. He said, "Whatever God has given me is acceptable to me. It is God's wish and I accept it happily."

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