Saturday, October 22, 2016

Was it a cosmic experience?

As the conversation on the phone heated up I got up from the bench in the park and moved close to the river Bhagirati to convey my view point properly as well as to talk a bit loud without being overheard by any. There was exchange of hot dialogues from both the sides. After it was finished, I stood there thinking that may be by mere glancing at the cool water of Bhagirati river will cool down my emotions. I spread my arms to hold the rods of the fencing and stood there for some time. As I focused on the flowing water of river Bhagirati, I felt that the river become stationary and I started moving! I was moving with a fast speed. I was enjoying the rapid movement. I was elated that it was a sort of wow movement of my life that Bhagirati river becomes stationary and I began flowing in air. Was that a cosmic experience?

I googled this experience to confirm. Somebody explained on net that it is because of relative motion. The eyes follow the moving water and keep a track. But the brain interprets it as the same signals as stationary river and flowing me in the opposite direction. Brain interprets both the signals as same. People who become sick in moving cars or buses generally experience this because of mixed signals their brains struggled with. I feel damn sick in moving vehicle! Alas! That was just an optical illusion.

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