Monday, October 17, 2016

Market of Uttarkashi

In Uttarkashi market, one can easily find each and every article of daily use and even unique articles used in worshipping of dieties. But surprisingly this tourist place doesn't have any shops with wooden handicrafts, embroidered articles, knitted woollens, crocheted things or any other antique or decorative items. It was just like a normal town market with grocery, sweets, bakery, utensils, clothes, shoes, vegetables and fruits shops. I couldn't find anything in the market to buy gifts for friends and relatives. But two things grabbed my attention. One was the orange coloured churners which I found very attractive and second was lemon and chillies totka (a ritual to keep evil eyes away from business) in plastic though before that I have always seen this totka in fresh lemon and chillies.

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