Thursday, October 13, 2016

Love games – To make pairs with opposite sex

The teacher told the class, “No chit-chatting after the sansang class at night. Switch off the lights at 10pm.”

I returned to my room after the class. To relax, I opened the book and started reading while lying on my bed. I shared the room with other girls, all of them were damn talkative! Most of the time, their talks were absurd, illogical, irrelevant, contained inferior quality of romance, sometimes poorly erotic and occasionally sexual. I felt not only bored but also sometimes irritated with their poor quality talks. Moreover, frequent repetitions of such irrational talks made me sick.

Girl ‘A’ started the conversation and said to Girl ‘B’, “Today, In the fruit shop, you want to buy apples but Mr. ‘Z’ has taken all the apples. He was waiting at the billing counter for his turn and knowing that you want to buy apples. He offered one to you so lovingly. And you silly girl refused it.”

Girl ‘B’ “Was that an apple or his heart?”

Girl ‘A’ continued after a brief pause, “It was his heart in the shape of apple which he was giving it to you with so much love.”

Girl ‘B’ said while scribing something on her notebook, “No, he just asked normally.”

Girl ‘A’ said, “But he didn’t ask any other girl in the shop, some of the girls wanted apples and he was holding all the apples but asked only you and not anybody else. Because you are special for him! He has feelings for you!”

“No!” Girl ‘B’ made a face.

“Did he offer any other girl in the shop to take apples? No! Therefore, it is clear that he was giving it you only, my dear.”

I put the book down, as I was not able to concentrate and started applying oil on my  knees which were paining.

“If he was giving signals to me, then what?”

“You are from the same country and he is also from the same county. He runs the yoga school. You want to run a yoga school. You both have the same goal in life. Look he is offering you to work together, live together and have kids with flexible bodies like you both have.”

It seemed that she had not heard about the Mendelian inheritance that throws light on how recessive gene can appear in next generation.

Girl ‘C’ entered the room. Girl ‘A’ to Girl ‘C’ “Where were you, my darling?”

Girl ‘C’ told, “I was telling Mr. ‘Y’ that today he chanted beautifully.”

“It took you so long so say that.”

Girl ‘B’ said, “In the evening, you were not feeling well. You were having cold. And it has been raining heavily. You should have taken rest.”

Girl ‘A’ said, “After the chanting class she must be feeling well as Mr. ‘Y’ chanted for her.”

They all laughed.

Girl, ‘B’ asked “By the way, who is Mr. ‘Y’?”

Girl ‘C’ told, “The smartest Indian guy!”

Girl ‘B’ looked around like a fool and said, “Who? Today three Indian guys chanted. About whom you are talking?”

Girl ‘C’ eloborated his physical appearance.

When Girl ‘B’ couldn’t recall Girl ‘C’ showed her a photo of that guy in her mobile which she clicked with him when they last time went out together.

Girl ‘B’ reacted, “He is smart???”

Girl ‘C’ explained, “Ya, not that smart but the smartest in all Indian guys. A figure among ciphers!”

Girl ‘A’ said, “She wants to settle in India as she loves Indian culture and rituals. So she is tuning with that guy.”

Girl ‘B’ asked, “But you have a boy friend in your own country.”

Girl ‘C’ replied, “Ya, I am in serious relationship with him but just to pass the time and to have fun this guy. What’s bad in it?”

I thought, “Now I have to live with them for only 9 days more!”

The three of them loved to play love games – ‘to make pairs with opposite sex’. In general, the girls love to play such games in their teens but they were playing such stupid games in their late twenties or early thirties. They had not matured with age or might be I had matured more with age. 

This incidence is of not of just one day, they loved to play such nonsense games everyday with ‘this guy’ or ‘that guy’.

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