Sunday, October 16, 2016

Utter surprise

“Yesterday, you know Chandrika, what happened?” Mr. ‘N’ said who was lively, energetic, cheerful, bubbly, witty and vivacious.

I looked up from the book that I was reading and softly asked, “What?”

“I told the Director, "I am registered for the next course of advance meditation." She was so surprised to hear this that she could not react to it for a few seconds. Her mouth was open in utter surprise.”


He laughingly said, “It was so funny to see the expressions on her face.”

“I am also registered for the advance meditation course.”

“Ya. But you are quiet, calm, peace loving and too serious, perfect for that course.”

“If I tell you that I am like you (lively, energetic, cheerful, bubbly, witty and vivacious) you will be equally surprised as her!” I thought.

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