Friday, October 14, 2016

My spiritual name

After the initiation ceremony of mantra a spiritual name was given to the students by Swamiji to those only who were interested in taking part in that ceremony.
"What is your spiritual name?" Ms. 'F' asked me, unknowingly that I didn't participate in that ceremony.
I explained her, "My full name is Chandrika Shubham. Chandrika means 'moonlight' and Shubham means 'sacred' so I am 'sacred moonlight'."
"Wow! So it is your spiritual name."
"Ya. My maternal grandfather, Kaushal Saini named me 'Shubham' when I was born. Later in life, he blessed me with a spark of spirituality by placing his hand on my head just a couple of days before he left his body. His blessings totally changed my life. Only after that my interest in scriptures, spirituality and meditation grew many folds. It was still a mystery for me why he chose me and not any other family member or friend as I was not intelligent, didn't have interest in spirituality, didn't have saintly qualities as compared to other family members."

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