Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The wisecracking guy

"You are just like Mr. Bean, the finest British comedian. Your quick jokes, comical comments and rubber face like Mr. Bean make all of us laugh. Have you ever worked in a theatre or on stage?" Ms. 'F', a young woman asked Mr. 'G' who was the wisecracking guy. 
"No." He uttered and waved his both hands crossing each other indicating a big 'NO'.
"Your experimental and off beat style witticism won the hearts of many! You are lively, energetic and cheerful with impressive comic expressions and an expert in creating amusing situations. You deserves a notable comedy award!" Ms. 'F' praised him.
He smiled and put his right hand on his heart and bowed down.
Ms. 'S', a middle aged woman said to Mr. 'G', "To me, you are like the donkey in Shrek movies. A happy-go-lucky donkey!"
Mr. 'G' replied, "This is the best compliment I have ever received."

I was hearing this whole conversation. Ms. 'S' was right as this compliment suits him the best because he pokes fun at everyday life, observing the unobservable which in general we missed to observe. He pokes fun at others and himself. His tone and style were light hearted. His punch lines were always hard to predict. He kept on cracking wonderful jokes without hurting anybody's feelings which was the toughest job because we all were from different countries and had different cultures. But it was really admiring about Mr. 'G' who instead of feeling offended on being called a 'donkey', he accepted the donkey compliment happily and in a light way. My imaginative mind moved a bit further thinking that donkey's spouse was a dragon! ;)

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